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Editorials & Opinions
I'm a Gay Guy at a Christian College
April 15, 2014
If this were a normal occurrence, I would prelude this with, "I'm sorry, but... " more . . . .
The Coming Marriage Equality Earthquake
April 12, 2014
In recent months, one court after another -- in Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky -- has either ruled a state ban illegal or said the state must recognize legal marriages performed in other states. It now seems all but inevitable that sooner rather than later, the Supreme Court will answer the question of whether or not a state can ban same-sex marriage. more . . . .
What Should We Do With the "Yes on 8" Donors?
April 10, 2014
Prop 8 OverI know that in 33 states, workers can still be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. I remember the days after the Prop. 8 vote, misting up at random times when I remembered that a majority of my neighbors took away my right to marry. So I hope you'll forgive the twinge of happiness I felt when Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned over his $1,000 donation to "Yes on Prop. 8." more . . . .
USA, Utah: Analysis of the Marriage Equality Hearing Today
April 10, 2014
By this time, if you are reading this particular website, you know the basic facts. But, it is worth restating here. The first time Utah specifically forbid same sex unions was by Legislative action in 1977. In 2004, during the height of the Bush Administration's effort to politicize marriage equality and the proposed federal Constitutional Amendment, the Legislature tacked on two more bills. The first was to add Section 30-1-4.1 to the Utah lawbooks. It is one of your more broad gay marriage bans. It doesn't ban personal contracts like some of the more extreme measures, but it did specifically bar civil unions or any law that would grant any marriage like benefits. more . . . .
Will the Iowa GOP Be the Last to Accept Marriage Equality?
April 9, 2014
As stealthily as it reared its ugly head, the power to harness prejudice against gay people to win national elections is shriveling up and dying a well-deserved death. Republicans see that, even if they won't all say it out loud, and even if presidential hopefuls keep trying to get traction equating being gay with moral failure or disobedience to God. more . . . .
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