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Editorials & Opinions
Five Nightmare Scenarios the Hobby Lobby Decision Could Bring About
July 6, 2014
When the Supreme Court hands the LGBT community a victory, it's hard to hide it. After all, allowing states to legalize marriage is not something you can sneak by the nation. But when the Supreme Court unleashes a nightmare, it's not easy spot. But that's exactly what the court did this week in a ruling that has the potential to wreak havoc on everything from marriage equality to HIV treatments. more . . . .
The Importance of Lost Travel Memories
July 4, 2014
This past weekend I saw the movie The Monuments Men. And besides the grammatically awkward title, I found the story compelling and interesting. And no wonder because I once had an intense fascination about that part of the World War II history. As an art history and design student, I always held a slightly morbid interest in what the Nazis wanted to do and (sometimes) ultimately did with remarkable art. more . . . .
Analysis of the Tenth Circuit Utah Marriage Equality Decision
July 2, 2014
To regular Towleroad readers, Judge Lucero's opinion holding Utah's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional reads like so many other equality rulings in the post-Windsor world. But the June 25th decision is still remarkable and unprecedented. Kitchen v. Herbert did not just say banning gays from marrying is unconstitutional. Rather, it said the law is unconstitutional specifically because of Windsor. more . . . .
Do We Still Need Gayborhoods?
July 2, 2014
Gay Ghetto? The title says it all - a collection of shops, bars, clubs, saunas, pubs who all cater to a gay or LGBT audience constitutes a ghetto, a community of sorts. But in the 21st century, do we really need one? Does it still serve a purpose? Who is the audience? And why? more . . . .
The Great Religious Secession
June 30, 2014
...I am someone who believes that religious liberty is the country's founding freedom, the idea that made America possible. I am also a homosexual atheist, so religious conservatives may not want my advice. I'll give it to them anyway. Culturally conservative Christians are taking a pronounced turn toward social secession: asserting both the right and the intent to sequester themselves from secular culture and norms, including the norm of nondiscrimination. This is not a good idea. When religion isolates itself from secular society, both sides lose, but religion loses more. more . . . .
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