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Editorials & Opinions
An African-American Pastor Comes Out for Marriage Equality
April 3, 2014
In looking at the rapidly changing terra firma around me, I must offer a confession that I am deeply embarrassed to say, has been far too long in coming. On Feb. 24 a seismic event took place in the City of Detroit, where I have served as a pastor for 16 years. Over 50 of my fellow clergy gathered together at First Baptist World Changers Church to state their unalterable opposition to same-sex marriage and their desire to convince Gov. Snyder and the Michigan legislature to keep the ban on same-sex marriage in our state. more . . . .
How The "Duck Dynasty" Stars' Homophobia Destroyed Their Brand
March 31, 2014
Before December of 2013, Duck Dynasty was a network's dream: an inoffensive, semi-scripted reality program that received little attention outside of its core audience but still attracted millions of viewers. By any standard, Duck Dynasty was a smash. The season 4 premiere drew 11.7 million viewers. Even for a buzzed about scripted drama like Scandal, those numbers would be big. For a cable network, they were enormous. more . . . .
We Haven't Won Yet
March 29, 2014
It's fast becoming conventional wisdom: The culture war skirmish over same-sex marriage (SSM) is over, with the pro-SSM side having decisively won. Ever since people started noticing that folks in my generation were overwhelmingly supportive of same-sex couples having the right to wed, this line of analysis has been on the rise. But with the Supreme Court's laudable decision last year to gut the Defense of Marriage Act, what was once just one common viewpoint among many others has now become the conclusion that anyone who knows anything must inevitably reach. The gay rights movement has won; all that's left is to work out the details for the celebratory parade. more . . . .
The Decline of the Word "Homosexuality"
March 25, 2014
To most ears, it probably sounds inoffensive. A little outdated and clinical, perhaps, but innocuous enough: homosexual. But that five-syllable word has never been more loaded, more deliberately used and, to the ears of many gays and lesbians, more pejorative. more . . . .
What The Christian Right Hopes To Gain From the Hobby Lobby Case
March 24, 2014
2009 was a grim year for social conservatives. Barack Obama was an ambitious and popular new president. Republicans, and their conservative philosophy, were largely discredited in the public eye by a failed war and a massive recession. And the GOP's effort to reshape its message was still in its awkward adolescence. If the conservative movement had a mascot, it would have been a white man dressed as Paul Revere and waving a misspelled sign. more . . . .
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