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Veterans Department Issues Directive on Health Care for Transgender, Intersex Vets
On June 10, 2011, the day that many of us had been waiting for finally arrived. The Veterans Health Administration, a division of the Veterans Affairs Department released the much anticipated directive toward transgender and intersex veterans. It's called, "Providing Health Care for Transgender and Intersex Veterans," VHA Directive 2011-024. A .pdf file, entitled Providing Health Care For Transgender And Intersex Veterans, can be found on the VA web site.

For Angela Brightfeather and myself, this has been a decade long journey, when we first discovered the inconsistency of treatment in VA facilities for our transgender and transsexual veterans. We formed a committee in the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, but quickly found out that a committee was not the right way to go.

In January of 2003, we formed the Transgender American Veterans Association and later became a 501 (c)3 organization. We helped to make our issue well known with people in Congress and many others in the VA and veterans organizations.

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Published on:  June 11, 2011

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