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Gay Travel: Exploring Bangkok
For the typical foreign traveler, Silom, Sathorn and Suriwongse Roads are the biggest draw. But, in reality that area only accounts for about 15% of the "gay" scene in Bangkok.

There are several areas where groups of gay venues are located. Ramkhamhaeng (Lamsalee), is the most popular area, located out on Ramkhamhaeng Road, Soi 89/2, it is probably the busiest gay area in Thailand. It draws hundreds of university students, working professional Thai, and those that just like a good time. With names like, See Men, Club 9 Cafe, ICK Pub, Crazy Dance Club and Lamsalee Dance Pub, it is a night to remember.

Although it is probably 98% Thai, the casual foreigner and expat are welcome. The atmosphere is one of friends, partying and hunting. Here the Thai's can be themselves, without having to worry about the "stigma" of being seen as a "money boy" to the foreign tourist. You notice I say the "foreign" tourist, as many Asian visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan go there. It is not easy to get to, takes about 45 minutes from Silom area by taxi, but is well worth the time.

The next area that is a big draw for the Thai is, Kampaang Pet Road (Or Tor Kor). Again, very popular with the university students and working Thai, it is located very close to Chatachuk (Weekend Market). With names like Asian Pub, ICY Pub, August Sum, and most popular Mogue, it is a great place to check out. A few more farangs tend to go there as some live in the area, and it is much easier to get to, not too far from the BTS.

About 10 minutes from there, is Saphan Kwai (Pradiphat). I first went there 20 years ago, when it was full of go-go bars. The area has changed, now mostly karaoke pubs (host bars) and a couple of saunas. Adonis Sauna, Farose I Sauna, Adam Karaoke (probably the most popular), Eagle Pub Stax (formerly go-go) and Charming Pub. This area is where the Thai's go looking for a young man to spend the evening with, or go to a sauna to "relax". Located between Aree and Saphan Kwai BTS, it is very easy to get to.

Keep in mind; this is a "Thai Scene", with different culture and rules then what you will find in Silom. This is mostly a Thai Rak Thai (Thai for Thai) culture, they are not moneyboys or looking for the farang to go home with. You will have a great time, but please respect them for who they are. When it comes to drinking you will find that most of the small groups of Thai buy bottles of Whiskey and drink that for the evening.

CambodiaOut is a GLBT Southeast Asia community website. Our goal is to provide information about the vibrant gay communities throughout Southeast Asia. We try to provide a service to the GLBT businesses, local and expats, as well at to the tourists that are visiting us. We are proud to work with and be Media Sponsor for many of the Pride Committee's and NGO's throughout Southeast Asia. Be sure to check out our website: 
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Published on:  October 4, 2012

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